Fellow Nebraskans,

Frustrated with the current trajectory of local and national politics, I made the decision to run to be your next representative in our state legislature because I can make a difference. I have the skills and experience to bring some common sense and conservative values back to Northeast Lincoln.

My family and I have lived in Northeast Lincoln for well over 20 years. We’ve been working and raising our family here this entire time. Despite a significant tax burden, our streets and educational options have not improved. The degree of public safety that we used to enjoy is decreasing.

Having practiced law for over 20 years, and being experienced with state government, I will provide excellent representation of Northeast Lincoln. Our current elected representatives are not responsive, and seem intent on managing by crisis. Whether it’s requiring children to be masked far longer than any other county, or prohibiting all people opposed to their beliefs from speaking in opposition, the opposing party constantly seeks to cause division.

It is important to elect a candidate with real world experience to help Northeast Lincoln. As a husband, father and attorney who is active in his church and community, I know I’m the right person to represent your interests. Northeast Lincoln deserves better than the latest progressive candidate.

It’s time for change.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Russ Barger

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