Meet Russ

Conservative Republican Russ Barger is a life-long Nebraska native. He grew up on a farm near McCook, Nebraska raising crops and cattle. His small high school allowed him to experience a number of different sports and activities. Upon graduation, Russ attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earning his undergraduate and law degrees.

Russ has been active in politics and advocacy since college. His understanding of civics and our natural resources led him to serve two terms on the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District Board. His legal practice over the past twenty years has included time as an Assistant Attorney General, a hearing officer for the Labor Department and some private practice work.

Russ clerked for the National Right to Life Committee in Washington DC, and has served as a long-time member of the Lincoln Right to Life Board.

Russ owns a couple of businesses, both of which are tied to agriculture. He and his wife have two children and they attend St. John the Apostle Catholic Church. They have lived in Lincoln, Nebraska for nearly 30 years.